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  1. nine years since diagnosis, six since CRC and HIPEC with Dr. Martin Goodman at Tufts in Boston. NED and enjoying life. A PMP Survivor !

  2. Thanks, Terry, and congratulations on 9 years!

  3. Great

  4. Hi. It is now 10 years and 4 months since my big operation and thanks to Brendan and his wonderful care. I am able to enjoy life with my daughter and grandaughters in Hampshire. If I am able to help anybody with the same problem, I am happy to.

    • Hi, Doreen, congratulations on reaching 10 years!! And thank you so much for your offer of help. Perhaps you would consider becoming one of our buddies.


    • Hi Doreen,

      Congratulations on your 10 years. I am currently struggling with my diagnosis and the future and would really appreciate any advice and support.

      Thank you

    • Congrats, that’s amazing. I was diagnosed six months ago after a hysterectomy and was expecting to have the big op in Basingstoke in two weeks but just been told they just going to do an appendectomy as my scan, etc, looked good.

      • Best wishes for your upcoming operation, Denise!

  5. Hello ! I live in the north of Sweden in Umeå I an 61 . I had CRS and HIPEC six years ago at the Academic hospital in Uppsala . I had a great fortune to meet a fantastik surgeon – Haile Matheme. He and his team saved my life and I an greatful for every new day I can spend with my highly loved family. I have even been blessed with two grandchildren.


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