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Survivors' Stories

Meet our inspiring PMP survivors

Courage in the face of cancer and of treatment is a common thread running through all our stories, even though they’re all very different. Read how appendix cancer and pseudomyxoma survivors have fought through stormy times and misdiagnoses, and yet somehow found an inner strength.

Caylee’s Story

My story began a few months after I got married. My first symptom was the sudden onset of intense pain while I was at work one day. After a few hours, the pain subsided but I decided to make an appointment with my family doctor a few days later.

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Rachel’s Story

My doctor said I have a 72% chance of being alive in 10 years; those are great odds for a cancer patient. One of my doctors guessed that I might have had six months without treatment. I’m happy that I was a candidate for surgery and HIPEC. Without it, I’d probably be dead right now.

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Receiving a diagnosis

My original symptom was an ‘irritated‘ bladder — it is difficult to describe but the closest I can come up with it that it felt like it was vibrating all the time. In March 2010, after several months of bladder discomfort and many trips to my GP, I was referred to the gynae-urinary clinic at my local University hospital with suspected bladder prolapse.

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Stacey’s Story

My name is Stacey, I’m 31 years old and a mother of five from the Gold Coast in Australia. I can literally say my baby and obstetrician saved my life! I had caesarean section on July 12th. This took 35 min and I was delivered of a beautiful, healthy, big baby... read more

Fay’s Story

Fay had her operation at the Christie Hospital in Manchester when she was just 28. She has been diagnosed with PMP. She shares her story.

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Georgina’s Story

I feel great. I was worried about catching colds and things without my spleen but I’m as healthy as I was before. My son and husband have caught colds but I have not which is normal for us. I have caught a sickness bug from my son since surgery but I recovered quickly with no problems and again compared to what I’ve been through, it felt like nothing.

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Mark’s Story

Mark’s story starts with a stomach bug that was part of a series of episodes leading up to his diagnosis.

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Maureen’s appendix cancer survivor story

Maureen is the married mother of grown children and enjoys spending time with her husband and family! She celebrates more than five years of showing no evidence of disease and shares her experiences, as well as suggestions for healthy living!

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Marilyn’s Story

When my doctor told me what he had discovered during surgery for a suspected ovarian tumour, I could barely pronounce the words let alone understand what it might mean for me.

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Miranda shares her story

My initial symptom was a tiny pain (feel like pins & needles) from my lower abdomen, it only last a couple of seconds, it came and went.  I was a healthy, active mum filled with energy and a busy life style. This discomfort did not stopping me from doing anything... read more

Iain shares his story

For well over a year, I noticed my belly steadily getting bigger though I didn’t seem to be eating any more than normal. I of course tried dieting a few times but when I didn’t lose weight I gave up pretty quickly. At work I used to eat at my desk and... read more

Megan’s Story

On November 30, 2009 Megan went to Northside Hospital, Cherokee, with severe abdominal pain. After hours of testing and exams, she was admitted to do further testing. Megan’s abdomen was swollen to the point that the doctors, had they already not tested for... read more

Julie’s Story

My journey with this rare cancer began in February 2002. I had just returned from a family holiday with my husband and our three children who were then aged 10, 7 and 5. When we got home and I looked at the photos, my stomach looked really distended. After noticing... read more

Lynne’s Story

Before I was diagnosed, I suffered from abdominal pain and tiredness. I felt full quickly after only eating small amounts. I saw various doctors who gave me a diagnosis between appendix, ovaries and bowel but no firm diagnosis. Eventually, the colorectal doctor... read more

The Waiting is Almost Over!

It’s just two days until my operation but how did I get to this point? The call came out of the blue. When my gynae consultant’s secretary called, I thought she wanted to say the appointment I had changed was inconvenient. But no, she wanted to ask me to... read more

Mary’s Story

At the time of my CRS cytoreductive surgery (HIPEC was not needed in my case) four years ago, my three children were ages 17, 18 and 23.

My 23-year old daughter had just left for a mission’s trip to Africa the day I was diagnosed. My 18-year old son was in his first year of college and was not living at home. My 17-year old daughter was a senior in high school.

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Surviving with PMP

Rod tells us that PMP isn’t always the immediate death sentence some expect — with top quality surgery it can be overcome, with a decent life expectancy afterwards.

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Continuing Deborah’s Story

Two years after my initial surgery, I underwent a second laparotomy and had an ulcer repaired. I was hospitalized for five days then sent home to recover. Six weeks later, I was back at work full time.

I had a third laparatomy four years after my initial one and lost part of my stomach and my gallbladder. They sculpted me a new belly button which I thought was kind of nice — but not as cute as my original.

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Deborah’s Story

I was working as a daybaker and would come home and fall asleep on the sofa soon after I got home. I was exhausted and, despite exercising regularly and watching what I was eating, my waist kept expanding over a period of seven months.

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I Completed a Triathlon After Cancer

For many years prior to cancer I had thought about being in a triathlon – it would be a real physical accomplishment! What a way to impress my friends! Just the word triathlon invokes a sense of awe.

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Dawn’s Story

Dawn lives in the UK and was first diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) in February 2008 after about 15 months of misdiagnosis.

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